Mongoos Magazine

Mongoos is a visual arts and culture magazine which is dedicated to inclusion, variety and internationalism.

As part of a global arts community, we don’t just want to produce material for people to consume. We want contribution and constant interaction with the public, between artists, curators, writers, and creatives. Mongoos also has a life offline in Mongoos nights, an interactive pop-up club and a platform for artists and musicians alike. Dedicated to popping the bubble of elitism in the arts, and spreading beauty across the globe through the glorious, communal Internet. We are a magazine for the people, by the people.

Our Team

Mary Agnew

Mun Wai Wong
Deputy Editor

Aleksandra Smilek
Managing Editor

Alexandra Djivanovic
Picture Editor

Stephanie Methven
Advertising Sales Executive

Sophie Moorcock

Mongoos magazine is published by Tempus Arts Ltd



Giovanni Assirelli – Photographer
Alice Cutler – Photography Columnist
Mathilde Scheffler – Street Art Columnist
Zana Glaser – Unexpected Art Columnist
Shane Hodges – Contemporary Theory Columnist
Donna Banks – ‘In Artis Veritas’ Columnist
Rachel Rogers – ‘Art Trawler’ Columnist
Ricardo Hernandez – Regular Illustrator

How can I get involved?

However you would like. We are looking for picture researchers, writers and sub-editors to join our team. Niche knowledge is always welcome. Passion is imperative.

Who can submit?

Anyone is welcome to submit, but we can’t guarantee that everything will be published.

What is Mongoos?

Mongoos is the magazine of Tempus Arts, London. Tempus is constantly expanding into new areas, with future ventures that include a clothing brand and the launch of Mongoos Nights, an up-and-coming platform that will showcase art, music and culture as interactive and accessible. If you are an artist, musician or would like to be involved in any way, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As well as selling and exhibiting art, Tempus will host an online art school and act as a community for all creatives, art lovers and those eager to learn across the world.

What’s the deadline?

There is no deadline! Mongoos is an ongoing, growing project.


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