Mongoos is a digital visual arts and culture magazine
with a quarterly print release.


Matthew Albanese - Aurora Borealis

Our main focus is on art and design but we also publish on topics such as film, music, performance and fashion. These areas of the magazine are small for now but will grow with time.


The main sections of the magazine are ‘News’, ‘Events’, ‘Artists’, ‘Features’ and ‘Regulars’. The ‘News’ section updates the most regularly and provides readers with the latest cultural information. The ‘Events’ section contains previews and reviews across the world. There is also a feature which allows users to upload events local to their area, which creates a global network of both independent and large-scale exhibitions. ‘Artists’ involves interviews as well as profiles of emerging artists. ‘Features’ contains longer articles whilst the ‘Opinions’ section is written by columnists.

Although Mongoos is a new magazine it will begin with instant traffic. The Tempus Group, publishers of Mongoos has existing traffic to our online art gallery ( and watch magazine ( as well as a 13,000 mailing list of people who have bought watches and art from us. People who are interested in vintage watches tend also to be interested in art.

We will therefore be able to direct our existing 65,000 monthly visitors to Mongoos magazine on launch. From there we will quickly increase traffic through top level SEO , advertising and investing in google advertising. We have the resources and the ambition to make Mongoos one of the most visted English language arts sites on the planet.

Once the site is established, we’ll focus on launching the print version. After that, future projects will include Mongoos Channel, a Mongoos app and Mongoos Nights. The Mongoos Channel will feature interviews, events and other videos on Youtube. Mongoos App will allow readers to access the magazine on their mobile devices. Mongoos Nights will be arts related events which can be held across the world. We hope to keep expanding the brand, both geographically and culturally.




The target demographic of Mongoos is very broad. Given the topics of the magazine, we are aiming for people who are interested in arts and culture. This is not necessarily a solely young audience and so although we aim to be on trend, we do not want to alienate more mature readers. The intended readership is not restricted to a single geographical area but is a global audience.

Distribution is online and in print. Online distribution is through a website which has a mailing list. There is also a Youtube channel and a smartphone app. Quarterly print distribution is through specialist shops as well as selected newsagents.



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