Alizé Meurisse

With three published novels Pâle Sang Bleu (2007), Roman á Clefs (2010), and Neverdays (2013) to her name, Alizé Meurisse has established herself as a prolific novelist. However, she is also a prodigiously gifted artist who has not only had her work exhibited at the Nuke and Cob galleries in Paris and London, respectively, but has also designed the artwork for both Babyshambles’ 2nd album Shotter’s Nation and Peter Doherty’s solo album Grace/Wastelands. Meurisse’s new book Neverdays has been shortlisted for the Prix de Flore prize and she is currently working on material for a new exhibition launching at Nuke Gallery later this year.

Artists, Interviews
November 11, 2013
by Nicholas Judge
Alizé Meurisse, photo by Renaud Monfourny

Alizé Meurisse, photo by Renaud Monfourny

MM: How did you come to be an artist?

AM: I was always drawing as child. I was fascinated by pens and paper, and color in general: rainbows, crayons in their box, make-up counters.

MM: What does being an artist mean to you?
AM: It’s a way of seeing things, being affected by them and wanting to share; to give. And give yourself up to it.

MM: What keeps you inspired?
AM: Everything! It’s not something specific, you take a little dose of regularly like a medicine. It’s a way of living and being receptive.

MM: Can you describe a typical day in your life?
AM: Well… I can give you a few landmarks: wearing my dressing gown, drinking my morning coffee and listening to the radio. I like to keep writing, painting, cutting and sticking, or whatever it is that’s on my mind at the moment during the day. I also spend some time reading or watching films. Or I take a walk.

MM: Do you listen to music while you work?
AM: I would say no, generally not; but I sometimes do like to have the radio on. Or even music in my headphones if I feel like it for some reason.

MM: Who has been a major influence on your work?
AM: People I meet and talk to.

MM: What is the best advice you have ever received?
AM: Don’t edit your soul according to the fashion.

MM: Do you collect art? If so, what do you think your collection says about you?
AM: I’d love to but I’m skint – I collect my own stuff!

MM: Can you name a piece you would like to be remembered for?
AM: As time goes by I see which pieces stick and which don’t make the cut, and get trashed or painted over. And all the ones that do count and mean something to me are pieces of a puzzle. I’d like to be remembered for that puzzle.

MM: What are you interested in creating in the future?
AM: Time will tell.