Harry Potter and the Minimalist GIFs

There is no such thing as too much Harry Potter…

November 7, 2013
by Monica Karpinski

Jeca Martinez's re-design of the Harry Potter book covers

The Harry Potter juggernaut has grown slightly larger thanks to Jeca Martinez’s re-design of the book covers as minimalist GIFs. Using the original backing colours from the US editions, each cover features a single, iconic image from the volume that Martinez feels best encapsulates the story.

“When GIFs are looped perfectly, it feels as though a moment has been preserved,” she says. “I just like how animating a picture or illustration adds an extra bit of life to it. Since September 1st was coming up, I thought why not make something to celebrate the day when the train makes its annual trip to Hogwarts?” she laughs.

This is not the first time the Harry Potter covers have had a minimalist makeover. In 2009, Swedish designer Michela Monterosso revamped them in a similar style: focusing on a single, iconic image, but opting for a solid black background over-colour. Unlike Martinez, Monterosso’s aim was to make the books appear more contemporary, instead of being marginalised as ‘children’s books.’

The simple elegance of minimalist design has long been a calling card for Martinez. For her, a successful design is one that is able to marry a pleasing aesthetic with functionality, and succeeds in getting its message across.

“I’m drawn to anything that tells a story,” she explains. “I looked at minimalistic design and illustrations to get a better idea of how to illustrate objects in the simplest way possible, whilst still being recognizable for what they are.”

Citing social media site Pinterest and Google images as sources of inspiration, Martinez creates her work using a graphics tablet, software Photoshop and Adobe Flash. Animated GIFs might seem just a bit of fun but the growing digital prowess of the art world doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Above all, they’ve helped prove that there is no such thing as too much Harry Potter.

Click on the images below to see the animated GIFS.