Johney Ohene – Artists at Tempus

Kinetic and Scientific Space on a paper page

Tempus Gallery News
November 13, 2013
by Louisa Jane

Johney Ohene, A Dear Festival, 2013. Giclee and oil on canvas, 130 x 98cm.

Johney Ohene is a conceptual artist, who effectively sculpts 2-dimensional spaces with lines and points. His artwork is firmly rooted in his belief in Solipsism; the idea that the external world, including space, buildings and family members can only be accessed as concepts within our own minds. The language of his art connects himself to the viewer, and he influences their perception through line, shape and colour.

He is a colourist, and claims his African roots are at the heart of his tropical palette. He works with kinetic spaces, and has a unique perspective on the world that has developed over his lifetime of mapping and scientifically rationalizing space. He has a heightened awareness because of the way he has compartmentalized his mind, and that reflects in the montage of rooms and doorways that are present on his canvasses.

He believes in simplicity and balance, and has spent his artistic career finding different ways to represent the same root – or “problem solve”, as he calls it.

“A point is a beginning and end and has an impossible percept of 360 cubic degrees. A line is but a travelling point: a circle has capacity to complete by assumption but with a central point bears its weight, gravity and defines intent”