Lucinda Lyons

Lucinda Lyons; Modern Day Aphrodite

Tempus Gallery News
November 13, 2013
by Louisa Jane

Lucinda Lyons, Aphrodite

Educated at Ruskin university, Lucinda Lyons paints erotic nudes, focusing solely on the feminine form and its myriad of ideals. She creates pieces from mixed media, which have enormous impact and energy. Pieces range from colorful to black and white; from figurative to embellished notions of realism. The only common ground is that of a highly sexualised alter-ego she liberates through her artwork.

Lucinda is concerned primarily with the notions we hold of women, but also seeks to represent the every day reality ‘womanhood’. From wonder, lust, ego and sexuality, to insecurities through direct objectification, Lucinda’s creations confront the viewer’s gaze. Having dealt with ┬ámany snide remarks throughout her career as an feminist artist, Lucinda continues to reflect voluptuous figures that act as a paradigm of beauty and love.