How can I get involved?

However you’d like. We have a vast range of roles to be filled and welcome anyone to get in touch with us, regardless of experience. If you think you have something to offer, let us know. Picture researchers, writers and sub-editors are needed but we’re also looking for experts with niche knowledge in subjects. Passion is imperative.

Do you accept submissions from anyone?

We try to balance equality with quality. We do accept submissions from everyone but we can’t guarantee that everything will be published. Even so, we encourage all people to contribute in a way they see fit.

Is Mongoos just a magazine?

No! We aim to keep expanding and moving into new areas. Some of the ventures on our horizon include a clothing brand, an events organisation and possibly a sauce range. Probably not though. We are also the sister site to Tempus Arts, which is an online gallery based in Liverpool Street. As well as selling and exhibiting art, Tempus will be running an online art school and be a point of contact for artists of all kinds across the world.

Is there a deadline?

There is no deadline! Mongoos is an ongoing, growing project.

What is Mongoos Nights?

Mongoos nights is an up-and-coming, interactive platform for artists and musicians. Get involved…


Mongoos Bazaar