After experiencing degrading and humiliating street harassment on ‘almost a daily basis’ New York-based artist Tatyana Fazalizadeh decided to combat the problem through her street art series Stop Telling...

Ricardo Hernandez-Santiago, Angry Hombres

Banksy in New York

Angry Hombre is not happy with Street artist, Banksy's influence on New York

Annie Kevans, Collection of WAMPAS Baby Stars, 2009

Annie Kevans: Up Close and Personal

Acclaimed artist, Annie Kevans is exhibiting a series of portraits of the 1920s-1930s movie talent campaign, WAMPAS Baby Stars in a show with Boo Ritson and Francisca Valdivieso.

Cecilia Brunson...

Tempus gallery news

Johney Ohene – Artists at Tempus

Kinetic and Scientific Space on a paper page

Jennifer Mills – Artist at Tempus
Dealing intimately with personal subject matter, Jennifer Mills has a lot to paint about. A mother, and artist, Mills...
Lucinda Lyons

Lucinda Lyons; Modern Day Aphrodite