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Office Baroque Gallery

7 November - 7 December 2013

Nestled amidst the narrow, cobbled stone streets of Brussels, Michel Auder’s Screen Life #13 & Polaroids are currently being exhibited at...

Out of the Shadows: MacDonald ‘Max’ Gill

Pitzhanger Manor House Gallery

20 September - 2 November

It is rare that we view posters and adverts as anything other than marketing strategies. PM Gallery’s collection of MacDonald ‘Max’ Gill’s...

Frieze London 2013

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Frieze art fair never fails to deliver a first class display of work from across the

Rebirth: Mariko Mori

Royal Academy of Arts

13 December - 17 February

Visitors to this exhibition may at first feel as though they are ascending the terrestrial plains of Earth, before entering the serene world...

Georges Braque

The Grand Palais, Paris

Until 6 January 2014.

Oscar Murillo: on being ‘glocal’

South London Gallery

20 September - 1 December 2013

“If I was to draw a line, this journey started approximately 400km north of the Equator”. This is the name of the...

Painting Now: Five Contemporary Artists

Tate Britain

12 November - 9 February

We are used to Tate Britain housing the finest paintings from the past several hundred years, but seldom having any space for the genre born...

Sarah Lucas: Situation

Whitechapel Gallery, London

2nd October - 15th December

Those familiar with Sarah Lucas’s early breakthrough works such as 1992’s Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab, in which the actual foodstuffs...

An American in London: Whistler and the Thames

Dulwich Picture Gallery

16 October - 12 January 2014

James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834 – 1903) was American-born and French-trained but lived in London from 1859 until his death. He was...

Unmasking the Masked: Refugee Self-Portrait Exhibition

Society for Community Organization (SoCO)
17 October - 22 December, 2013

Drawn by nine refugees from around the world, the Refugee Self-Portrait Exhibition is a collection of too-colorful-to-be-true masks. Each artist...